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President Trump referred to 2018 on Twitter as the ‘Year of the Worker,’ saying, “it was indeed a great year for the American Worker with the best job market in 50 years and the lowest unemployment rate ever for blacks and Hispanics and all workers. Big wage gains.”

If you wanted a job in the United States of America, you got one this year. For the first time ever recorded, there are more job openings – 7 million to be exact – than workers to fill them! Half of the states have reported the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded by the Department of Labor.

Minority groups saw huge gains in 2018 as well with African Americans, Hispanics, and Women finding jobs easier than ever. These groups saw the lowest unemployment rates since the 1960’s.

The sweetest surprise came at the end of the year, just last week. Reuters reported that jobless claims dropped to a 49 year low — people are getting back to work!

Workers all over America can see the results after two years of President Trump’s pro-growth policies. This Administration knows jobs – we are bringing back jobs and keeping work in the U.S.A.! After such a successful 2018, we’re looking forward to even more wins in 2019.

Happy New Year!