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As midterm elections quickly approach, history tells us the Democrats should take over – as whichever party is in the White House historically loses seats in Congress. Another assumption the Democrats are hoping to run with this November? As President Trump’s approval rating sinks, the Democrats believe the midterms will be a landslide in their favor.

Although this may have been true in the past, the Trump Presidency has been known to be the exception to the rule before. One of the strongest reasons Republicans feel good? The economy is booming. It’s hard to cast a vote against a successful Administration when your paycheck is larger than it was two years ago. A steady influx of American jobs back into the U.S., a climbing stock market, and historic unemployment rates are just starting to show their true effect. The President isn’t short of accomplishments since taking office, but the momentum is just beginning.

Americans are optimistic — According to a summer CNBC survey, voters are noticing the economy too. 54% of Americans say the economy is “good” or “excellent.” This is the highest number in the 10 years that the question has been asked — meaning more voters are confident about the economy now than they were in all 8 years of the Obama Presidency!

President Trump also has jumped points on his economic approval rating. In fact, just over half of America approves of how he’s been handling the economy. Some of the top wins? Republican tax cuts and his re-negotiations of various trade deals.

In the President’s words, “We’ve accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions.” The liberals may still dislike our Commander in Chief, but numbers don’t lie. More than half of America can get behind this 2018 economy! The voters will decide in November, but if the strength of the economy is any indication of midterm results, Republicans are in for an exciting November!

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