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Republicans keep delivering on results! The most recent Jobs Report shows that the U.S. added 250,000 jobs in the month of October!

Even CNN had to admit this report is ‘better than expected.’ Democrats try to say this is normal, but a record-breaking, results driven Administration is brand new to the American people.

The jobs that were added in October are reported to be in construction, transportation, and manufacturing – further demonstrating that the President’s pro-growth agenda is working in all the industries the Obama Administration drove into the ground.

Even more impressive though is that the economy has added jobs every single month for a 97 month streak, beginning in 2010. This is record breaking! Democrats predicted that a Donald Trump presidency would ruin the economy and throw America into a financial crisis. The opposite is happening – the economy is roaring with the lowest unemployment rate since the 1960’s.

The President, in his tweet praising the numbers commented, “Keep it Going.” We’re still not tired of winning, how about you?


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