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We all appreciate a four-day work week and some great sales, but this year, American workers have extra cause to celebrate.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the day is ‘dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.’ Labor Day started as a tradition in New York City, following the Industrial Revolution and deemed a “working man’s holiday.” Now, it represents so much more – paid time off, workers’ rights, family leave time, and more. Our current Labor Day Holiday is a welcomed long weekend at the end of summer to honor those workers in every line of work across our great Nation.
In 2018, we can’t help but look to all the achievements we’ve seen in the workforce over the past year – Some of the lowest unemployment rates in decades, record job number gains, and for the first time in recorded history: the U.S. had more job openings than people to fill them! American workers have a lot to celebrate!
Our workforce is stronger than ever, but only thanks to the hard-working men and women committed to American success. On behalf of American Jobs and Growth PAC, we wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable Labor Day Weekend.