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Apple supplier, Foxconn pledged to open a $10 billion plant in Wisconsin and employ 13,000 workers. The Taiwanese company would be produced small screens for cell phones, tablets, and televisions. The company said its site will serve as “an advanced manufacturing facility” and “a hub of high technology innovation.


Future plans seemed insecure due to concern over steep labor costs. The company’s uncertainty sparked concern providing its previous promise to build a $30 million plant in Pennsylvania that fell through.


The project was launched in 2017 after Wisconsin lawmakers put together a $3 billion incentives package to convince to the company to initiate the project. Development would bring thousands of well needed manufacturing jobs to the state.


Critics of the project such as Democratic Minority Leader, Gordon Hintz, admitted “Clearly, part of (Foxconn’s) intent in coming to Wisconsin in the first place was to maintain favorable trade relations with the Trump administration”. His statement proved to be correct because Foxconn alleviated any uncertainty about the endeavor following productive conversation with President Trump.


Foxconn chairmen, Terry Gou spoke with President Trump and upon conclusion of the exchange they confirmed they will move forward with construction of the Wisconsin facility.


President Trump tweeted, “Great news on Foxconn in Wisconsin after my conversation with Terry Gou!”. It is great to have a leader who negotiate and get things done. President Trump’s composure and persistence will put thousands of Americans to work while he continues to fulfill his promise to bring jobs back to American soil!